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Momentum has over 20 years of experience ​connecting agencies and brands in the U.S. ​with unique production solutions.

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A solutions and innovation-first rep firm & NETWORK

Lately, we like to say that we help to future-proof ​your business by bringing innovative, next-gen ​and even disruptive methods of production ​that can help make your agency or brand more ​relevant to your clients and customers.

We are Solutions sourcers. We often ​serve as the place to go to brainstorm ​feasibility for out-of-the-box projects. ​We’re all about tackling those ​"impossible" projects by constantly ​cooking up fresh, innovative ideas.

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DE&I Directors & minority-​owned production COS

AI, Disruptive tECH Innovation

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Remote Content Capture tool

social-first content

photography & illustration


NEW production models

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stunt & experiential activations



experiential ooh media

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We represent over a hundred DE&I creators, 85% ​of whom are diverse - spanning Unacculturated, ​Bicultural, and Acculturated Hispanics, POC, and ​LGBTQIA+. With two decades of experience, our ​collaborators grasp the complexities of diversity.

de&i directors

Our diverse directors excel in comedy, tabletop, ​storytelling, documentary, music videos, social-​first content, and more (for the U.S. market). ​Need a specific talent? A female Hispanic ​Acculturated director in the States specializing in ​comedy dialogue? We’ve got it handled!

We've got you covered with award-​winning production houses, bringing ​expertise ranging from broadcast ​commercials to 360 campaigns.

top-notch ​production ​houses

These are minority-owned businesses, offering ​a fresh perspective, deep understanding of ​cultural nuances, and a wealth of expertise to ​inject vitality into your project brief!

The Masses is a platform and remote directing service that uses geolocation to be able to source real people, real stories, influencers, and authentic video anywhere in the world. Their typical timelines are ten days and their prices are so good that you could easily use them - whitelabel - as a resource and markup the content on your end.

their services

  • Remote Content Capture
  • Real Authentic People Casting & Sourcing
  • Micro & Nano Influencer Search
  • User Generated Content
  • Photography, Professional Videographer Content Capture

remote Content Capture

Glam Creatives is a TikTok-certified, Digital ​Strategy and Content Production Agency, ​specializing in boosting brands on TikTok and IG. ​They innovate with Twitch live streams and ​modern infomercials. They’re also certified to set ​up your brand’s TikTok Shop and have exclusive ​insights for crafting top-tier media and sales ​strategies.

TikTok shop ​partners

tiktok-CERTIFIED​ vendors

their services

  • TikTok Shop Strategy and ​Management
  • Social Media Content
  • Livestreaming
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Program
  • Social Media Talent Management
  • Music Activations
  • Music Videos
  • D2C TV Videos

The Electric Factory - Award-winning creative ​tech and innovation company with a 20-year ​history of shaping the future through electric ​ideas.

1st Ave Machine - A collective of international ​directors, artists, designers, and scientists. They ​have a strong focus on out-of-the-box solutions.

**We’ve also teamed up with other partners who ​specialize in meeting your specific technology and ​innovation needs.

their services

  • Spatial Computing
  • AI, AR/VR
  • Experiential Tech
  • Interactive Content
  • Digital Channels
  • Technology Development
  • IoT development
  • Landing pages / Microsites
  • Digital Banners
  • Other cutting-edge innovations

ai / innovation / emerging tech

1stAveMachine BA - A creative production ​company specialized in mixed media, live-​action, films, and animation.

Final Frontier @ Landia - A production ​company working across time zones to create ​world-class animation in various techniques.

The Electric Studios - An innovation creative ​company specialized in offering unique ​solutions to animation challenges.

Lobo - A creative studio dedicated to moving ​images.


their services

  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Stop motion
  • Mixed media
  • VFX
  • CGI
  • VR/AR

Rocket to the Moon uses its extensive worldwide network to source the perfect photographer or videographer for any project, anywhere in the world.

Darkside represents world-class illustration, CGI-3D, animation, retouching, and art direction talents worldwide.

photography & ​illustration

They provide international production services ​having their own production teams in Germany, ​the UK, the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and ​Argentina. Also partnerships within Europe, ​Latin America, and Asia.

Adolescent Content - Social-first Directors & Content Creators. They’re a social-first & black-founded, prod company specializing in creating unique/eye-catching content for GenZ audiences.

social-first content

They work with content creators ranging ​in age from 13 to 26, which provides them ​with a special perspective on the topics ​and trends that are important to this ​demographic.

Improv Everywhere & DVRG - Based in ​New York City, Improv specializes in ​creating big moments of surprise and ​delight with real people. They have over ​20 years of experience causing scenes of ​joy in public spaces.

They've got quite the track record, having ​collaborated with big names such as Target, Ford, ​Pepsi, and Hallmark, crafting memorable ​experiences. Plus, they've whipped up some stellar ​series for TV networks like NBC, MTV, and Pop. Oh, ​and let's not forget one of their latest gem—​cooking up "Pixar In Real Life" for Disney+.

stunts & ​activations

The Masses - our remote authentic content ​capture tool can capture any video, any ​story, 100% remotely, anywhere in the ​world through their geolocation ​capabilities.

Bowstring features an in-house production ​model that allows them to create high-​deliverables campaigns at unheard-of ​pricing. Their full-time production team ​creates savings that allows them to create ​more content than competitors.

Glam Creatives - our TikTok shop partners.


production models


  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Premium concept and content ​creation
  • Rate Carded Production
  • Trend Analysis

**We're at the forefront of exploring new ​methods to produce content with efficiency, ​all while upholding top-notch quality.

Gloria Content is a story-driven production studio that ​synchronizes thirty years of storytelling prowess, ​agency collaborations, and branding sensibilities.

Cortez Brothers is a turnkey, creative broadcast ​production company. Certified as both woman-owned ​and minority-owned.

Altered LA is a creative hub of passionate storytellers, ​directors, producers, and content creators.

branded content

Lionfish Studios is a powerful women-owned and ​minority-owned production company sitting at the ​intersection of music, TV, film, and digital content, ​specializing in the Latin market.

Agüita is a women-owned creative studio and ​production company with offices in LA, NY, MIA, ​and MX. They excel in creative development and ​end-to-end production services, renowned for their ​stylized aesthetic and high production value.

Pickle Music is a certified minority-owned and ​award-winning international music production ​house. They can offer a wide range of ​capabilities, including sonic branding, original ​music, sound design, mix, VO, music ​supervision, and even licensing from their very ​own music library called the Pickle Jar.

music & sound

more than just a music house!

The Pickle Jar Database is super user-​friendly and allows you to search by ​genre easily. If you're unsure about ​what you're looking for, don’t worry! ​Just reach out to us and our Pickle team ​will do the search for you at no cost.

their services

  • Finishing
  • Visual effects
  • Color grading
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Audio recording/mixing,
  • Original music composition
  • Extensive post-production capabilities

We leverage a network of editorial ​partners, many of which are minority and ​women-owned companies, selected on ​a project-by-project basis. They bring a ​talented crew of editors, sound mixers, ​musicians, and producers to the table. ​Whatever you're after, just give us a shout ​– we've got you covered!


Wally Projects is a visionary and disruptive ​media studio producing multi-platform

advertising content. They have a network of ​300 digital billboards with super immersive ​content that can show live events, like ​esports games, in real-time across multiple ​locations. What's even better is that this kind ​of content tends to go viral on social ​channels, boosting engagement and ​adding unique value.

experiential ooh media

Wally provides the most innovative and advanced ​technology to deliver your message to your target ​audience. They’re on a mission to transform the way ​local communities connect with outdoor content via ​experiential ‘Wally moments’.

hybrid ​production ​agencies

We understand that not every brand can work ​with the advertising giants. Some brands just ​need content!

That's why we represent a diverse portfolio of ​Hybrid Production Agencies (all minority owned ​and run) that can provide cost-effective solutions ​for a variety of marketing needs, specifically the ​creation of content.

Our agencies specialize in creating pertinent content ​that resonates with your target audience and drives ​sales.

From tech/ experience-focused agencies to digital ​activation experts, DTC specialists to social TikTok ​strategy gurus, and earned media agencies, we have ​the right partner to help you achieve your marketing ​goals!


some of our network services

Big Brand Creative Consulting

branded content

business dev & strategy


Beyond our innovative roster, we've got an extensive ​network we tap into for specialized projects. We're ​all ears when it comes to understanding your ​requirements, drawing on our vast network to ensure ​we find the right match and provide you with a range ​of options for your project.

Our clients include: Media ​Outlets, LED Volume Stage ​Studios, Influencer Agencies, ​Various Sports Entities, AI Media ​platforms, and much more!

**Momentum connects you with one ​or all of these solutions to make ​complex projects happen.

Momentum identifies and capitalizes on ​opportunities in the media, content, and ​advertising sectors. We use the latest ​marketing techniques to open doors and ​create opportunities across our ecosystem.

Through our extensive network and industry ​expertise, we identify unique opportunities for ​brand partnerships, sponsorships, and ​collaborations. We're laser-focused on ​building strong brand presence for our ​clients and the talents or entities they're ​associated with.

business dev & strategy

Who We Are

Bettina Abascal

Founder & Chief Connector

Juanita Lopez

Strategy & Growth Director

If you called her just a rep, you’d be mistaken. Try ​Talent Manager or Matchmaker Extraordinaire. In the ​world of multi-cultural-focused advertising, where her ​name alone symbolizes unwavering credibility and ​integrity. "I founded Momentum in 2003 with a focus ​on diverse and under-represented talent in the multi-​cultural market. Now diversity is a thing and we are ​here for it!!"

She is our flight commander at Momentum, expertly ​navigating our aircraft with precision. We adore ​having her on board for her sharp attention to detail ​and knack for capturing our brand's spirit. "I'm always ​excited to meet new faces and hear about exciting ​ventures. I look forward to connecting further and ​exploring opportunities for collaboration!"

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Would love to catch up and discuss ​any upcoming ventures you have in ​the pipeline. Let's collaborate and ​make some magic happen together!

bettina abascal

Founder & Chief Connector

ju​anita lopez

Strategy & Growth Director