Momentum is a strategic Management Agency representing top International storytellers and Ideators. We are the bridge between everything you work hard to dream up and making it HAPPEN.

Our roster of stand-out production and innovation technology companies makes us unique in our capabilities and offering. Our production partner's capabilities run the gamut from live-action production to disruptive technology Ideators.  We speak: post-production, interactive, VFX, turnkey and DIGITAL production, all while offering world-class service to the agencies and brands that we are proud to work with.

WE LISTEN. That is what we do best.
What we do with what we hear is our area of expertise.
At Momentum, our main focus is to be a RESOURCE to help you find SOLUTIONS and / or INSPIRATION.

We are the go-to source for a worldwide network of production solutions.

We have been listening to international and national brands, ad agencies and production companies for FIFTEEN years now and have been living through the changes in the Advertising Industry with the birth of the digital era. We have been out there observing technology lead creativity to new paths and we are the best locating what you need and bringing you inspiring tools to open a world of new ideas.